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Sunday Sunkanmi Adelaja was born in the village of Idomila Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria. His name Adelaja means “the King settled this fight” in Yoruba.[3] He was raised by his grandmother and became Christian in March 1986 just before graduating from high school. After graduation Adelaja left Nigeria because he received a scholarship to study journalism at the Belarusian State University in Minsk, Byelorussian SSR. He claims he was threatened there by authorities for having a picture of Jesus in his house, but nevertheless, he began Christian activities in Belarus during his studies.[4] He married and took a job in Kiev, where he eventually founded and became pastor of the Embassy of God church, initially with only a handful of fellow African students.[5] Today he plays an active role in the political and social life of Ukraine and was an influencing factor the Ukrainian Orange Revolution. Sunday speaks, preaches and teaches fluently in Russian.

By age 33, he had built the largest charismatic church in Europe, having started with only a few followers in a small apartment in downtown Kiev in 1994. Since then his church has grown to more than 700 churches in over 45 countries and has been instrumental in starting over 300 rehab centers for drug addicts and alcoholics, situated all over Ukraine and Russia.[6]

Pastor Sunday was honored to be on a first page article of the Wall Street Journal in July 21, 2006.[7]

Pastor Sunday was honored to open the U.S. Senate in prayer April 23, 2007.[8]

Pastor Sunday was honored to speak twice at the United Nations in August 23, 2007

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Overview: Richard vissoh is the founder of exell radio. The lord Jesus put on his heart to create a platform where christian like him will listen to sermon and music to increase their faith. He grew up in the church but become christian 10 years ago. Today he is serving the lord Jesus through this ministry .

Radio: You can listen to him live every time we are streaming . If you love the lord Jesus, I pray that his anointing and power be upon your life everyday. Amen.

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